We’ve been delighted with the improvement in Gabi since coming to see Fran Goldin. Her focus and tracking has improved, and since Gabi started using her green filter, her reading speed has really increased. Thank you Fran.

— father of Gabi


Under Fran’s expert guidance my son’s reading speed went from 72 words per minute to 111 words per minute. His muscle strength in the eye area is so much better and he now enjoys sitting down to read independently. All this was achieved in a positive and enjoyable way and he was made to feel very proud of himself at the end of the process. What more can you ask for?

— mother of Leo


Fran was highly professional, extremely knowledgeable and yet very personable. She had an excellent manner with my daughter (aged 5). Fran clearly demonstrated and detailed how to carry out several simple eye exercises, mostly with a pencil and pen. These very quick and individually tailored exercises made the most remarkable difference to both my daughter and to me. I no longer have headaches, my eyes feel like they’re ‘working together’ and my daughter’s ability to focus and concentrate when reading has improved quite considerably.

Many thanks to Fran. Thank goodness we found you! As a dyslexia assessor (PATOSS SpLd Level 7), I now regularly refer clients to Fran when they present with tracking difficulties, visual stress, etc. I now have a number of equally happy clients who have also made great progress since seeing Fran.

— Karen, PATOSS assessor


We are extremely pleased with the progress that Lisa has made with the strengthening of her eye muscles and overall eyesight improvements, following your diagnosis of convergence insufficiency and the prescribed eye exercises. We believe that we have achieved more in the last 4 months than in the previous 2 years, as we have been in a quandary regarding Lisa’s slow progress for over two years.

Her convergence insufficiency was clearly causing peripheral issues with her school progress, and we are incredibly grateful for your identifying the basic problem and setting a course of action by which success could be measured.

We cannot thank you enough for your kind, professional approach, patience with Lisa and general advice.

parents of Lisa